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sausages hanging from hooks with the words how to store meat without electricity
7 Ways to Store and Preserve Meat Without Electricity
Whether you've just run out of room in the freezer or you lose power regularly, it's important to know about preserving meat.
three jars filled with different types of food and the words how to prepare and preserve preserve nuts
How to Prepare and Preserve Nuts to Keep Them Fresh
Nuts can last a long time if you know how to prepare and preserve them the right way. This guide shows you how.
two jars filled with food and the words how to can poultry safely on top
Your Handy Guide to Canning Poultry Safely
Whether you're raising ducks, turkeys, or chickens, or you just bought more poultry than you can use, try canning to make it last.
two jars filled with food sitting on top of a black table next to each other
The Complete Guide to Safely Canning Seafood to Make it Last
Canned fish has been an important food source for people throughout the centuries. When you visit a supermarket, you’ve probably seen rows of canned seafood. But you don’t need to buy seafood; canning it yourself is super easy.
sausages are piled on top of each other with the words how to make homemade sausages to preserve your meat
How to Make Delicious Homemade Sausage to Preserve Your Meat
If you have excess meat that you don't know how to use, consider making sausage. It's a delicious way to preserve your meat.
the complete guide to canning tomatoes in a glass jar with text overlay that reads, the complete guide to canning tomatoes
The Complete Guide to Canning Tomatoes
Canning tomatoes is the best way to preserve your summer harvest. The process is simple, and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
the essential guide to canning cucumbers
The Essential Guide to Canning Cucumbers
Canning cucumbers is an ideal way to preserve these delicate vegetables: it's fun, easy, and you can flavor them however you like!
a person holding a glass jar filled with liquid and ice cream in front of the words how to capture wild yeast
2 Foolproof Ways to Capture Wild Yeast
Capturing wild yeast is easy once you know the right technique to use. Morning Chores shows you two ways to capture wild yeast.
several jars filled with food sitting on top of a green checkered table cloth next to corn
7 Scrumptious Ways to Preserve Corn
Learn how to preserve corn 7 different, delicious ways, from canning and pickling to dehydrating and milling for long-term storage.
a jar filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to other vegetables
9 Tasty Ways to Preserve Your Eggplant Harvest
Got a bigger harvest than you can eat? Then it's time to preserve your eggplant. Here are 9 delicious methods to try out.
Do you have a bumper crop of green or dry beans this season? Here are 9 delicious ways to preserve beans to enjoy all winter long. Fermented Green Beans, How To Store Avocado, Maple Baked Beans, Homemade Coffee Creamer, Baked Bean Recipes, Water Bath Canning, Homemade Coffee
9 Ways to Preserve Fresh and Dried Beans
Do you have a bumper crop of green or dry beans this season? Here are 9 delicious ways to preserve beans to enjoy all winter long.
a table topped with lots of different types of cheeses and dairy products on top of a piece of paper
10 Ways to Repurpose Sour Milk
There's no need to toss out sour milk! Here are some great ways to repurpose it into baked goods, cheese, and more so nothing goes to waste.
three different types of bread on a black surface
How To Make Pemmican That Can Last For Years
If you're stocking your pantry for winter survival, be sure to add pemmican! Learn how to make this ancient, nutrient-dense superfood here.
a heart shaped rock sitting on top of a plate next to a knife and lavender flowers
How to Make Homemade Cheese with a Simple Recipe
You don't need to be intimidated by making homemade cheese. If you're an absolute beginner, read this intro and start making your own today!
there are many onions on display at the market
8 Tips for Storing Onions to Increase Their Longevity
Besides using a canner, here are some tips for storing onions for the long term so you can enjoy your tasty homegrown produce all year long.