murat ortasıl

murat ortasıl

murat ortasıl
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I resolved to build a kayak as my second boat whilst waiting last December for my very first boat kit, the Passagemaker Dinghy, the buildin.

Hybrid Night Heron: Stitch & Glue Hull w/ Cedar Strip Deck

This boat combines the quick assembly of the stitch-and-glue hull and the beauty of a strip-built deck. Since stitch and glue construction is generally quicker than strip, this hybrid goes together more quickly than the strip version.

beautiful deck on this Petrel kayak by Glenn Witgen, via Flickr

A discussion forum on the subject of kayaks and other small boats. This bulletin board includes information about strip-built, stitch and glue, skin on frame and any other method for building kayaks.

Wood Duck 10 Hybrid

Wood Duck 10 Hybrid

Bueatiful, makes me want to build one.

Those two things and I am a happy lady.

Standard Construction Petrel - Wood Kayak

Standard Construction Petrel: This western red cedar Petrel sea kayak is built with western red cedar strips and features maple accent strips and maple stems.