живопись - городской пейзаж, купить картину "Венецианская ночь"

FULLCANG diy diamond painting mosaic river in the city rhinestone cross stitch full square diamond embroidery scenery

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A Touch of Romance by Mikki Senkarik - Mediterranean Venice Ceramic Tile Mural Backsplash -

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sung began to exhibit his artistic talents early in childhood. Beginning in grade school, Sung entered and won various art contests by displaying his creativity and artistic imagination. He decided to pursue his passion for art and graduated with honors from Seorabol Art College in Seoul. Later he opened his own studio and worked as an illustrator for various magazines and children’s books.

Sung Kim, 1940

Frameless modular Pictures DIY Digital Oil Painting By Numbers on the canvas Street View of the paintings on the wall cm