motif kolye Dunyanintakisi

motif kolye Dunyanintakisi

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MD047 Marble Mosaic Medallion

Mata Ortiz Pottery by Lazaro Ozuna Silveira Sgraffito Olla | eBay

Inca Star Cuzco Plate for Novica. Huaman Paucar Family says, "Our clay pieces are molded both on an old-fashioned potter's wheel and by hand. Our art represents the history and customs of our village and its religious beliefs."

Pre-Columbian pottery is a highly developed form of creative expression in South and Central America that began in the fourteenth century. The potters here are well known for their excellent clay work and each artisan works in small family groups to learn their art as a tradition passed down from generation to generation. The function of these small pots is temporary household storage, but throughout the years these practical pots and their unique designs have also become fine pieces of…