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the 7 habitts of highly effective teachers with text overlaying them and flowers
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers
Those teachers that look like they have it all together, all have one thing in common - they have systems and habits to help them achieve success. We have thought long and hard and have listed the 7 habits that we believe highly effective teachers share and engage in...
a classroom desk with the words, my favorite lake shore resources on it and an image of
My Top 5 Lakeshore Learning Resources | Move Mountains in Kindergarten
My Top 5 Lakeshore Learning Resources | Move Mountains in Kindergarten
a young boy is holding some spirals in front of his face with the words, why i love spiral review and why you should too
Why Spiral Review is Beneficial in First Grade; spiral review in 1st grade
Have you ever been educated on a topic, and you spent maybe an hour learning and practicing it, but then you are told to remember that in 3 months? Crazy right???? That is what many of us are taught to do in our classrooms, but spiral review breaks that lousy habit and continuously exposes our students on topics they are expected to kno
the top 10 must read books for teachers in 2013, with text overlay that reads 10 must read books for teachers in 203
Must Read Books for Teachers in 2023
New year, new list. Leigh's back with her must read books for teachers in 2023. You won't want to miss the 10 she recommends!
a poster with a pencil and paper on it that says tips for dealing with no name papers
Tips for Dealing with No Name Papers in the Classroom
Finding papers without names on them is not only frustrating, but tracking down the owners can be time consuming! Here are several tips for preventing and handling no name papers in the classroom.
four children jumping in the air with their hands up and text that says, ways to get your students moving
9 Ways to Get Students Moving in the Classroom
We cannot expect our students to sit still all day long, that is an unfair request, and honestly, it’s not suitable for their development or academic performance. Students are more engaged with their learning when they are in environments that allow them to move. Read more on the blog.
the most valuable thing you can give your students
The most valuable thing you can give to your students
Our students cannot learn if they don’t feel safe, valued, and connected at school. In order to provide this safety, we need to explicitly teach our children the benefits of knowing and understanding themselves and how to effectively regulate emotions. This will enable them to then engage and feel a sense of belonging to their learning environment.
an image of time management tips for teachers
Time Management for Teachers | Time Saving Tips, Tricks and Hacks [Part 2 of 3]
Organisation and time management go hand in hand. By setting up systems and routines, you will be better equipped and more efficient at completing repetitive tasks. In this article, we will focus on time management tips that assist with staying organised...