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Outdoor rooftop workout leg day
Rise n grind with some rooftop wellness @muscwellnesscenter ☀️💪😅 Some lower body work with the #ElevateTrainer and #MoveStrongStallbars combined with Sled push and back pedal! #FitGround drive sled makes ya 🔥🔥 those 🦵🦵 #movestrong #riseandgrind #fitspo #legday #functionaltraining #sledpush #fitness #fitlife #outdoortraining #rooftop #wellnesscenter #medicalfitness #university #campus #musc #campusgym #campusrec #medicalunversity #charleston #pllupbracketsystem #movestrongfit
Five Ways To Climb Monkey Bars
#Repost @gravitydxb ・・・ Coach Jess reveals 5 effective techniques to climb the monkey bars! 🐒💪 . . . . #gravitydxb #calisthenics #fitness #monkeybars #parkour #pullupbracketsystem #movestrong #pullups #grip #functionaltraining #fitness #bodyweighttraining
Tabata Workout Outdoor MoveStrong Fitness
Santa gotta burn off those cookies!!!🍪🔥🎅🏼🐶💪 Tabata workout! -Sprints, Crawls, Battle Ropes, Heavy Bag, Medicine ball throws on the #MoveStrongTrex functional training station 🤙 #LiveLifeMoveStrong #christmasworkout #burn #conditioning #tabata #hiit #functionaltraining #outdoorworkout #run #hittworkout #crosstraining #fitness #fitspo #fitlife #igfit #workoutmotivation #rott #move #fitnesslifestyle #workout #movestrongfit
MoveStrong Outdoor Training Staircase Functional Strength Workout
MoveStrong Outdoor Circuit Workout Upper body strength training
MoveStrong Stall Bars workout upper body core strength
MoveStrong Stall Bar Exercises 30 Stretches Warm-up and Flexibility Training
MoveStrong Rope Ladder Pulls
MoveStrong Upper Body Functional Strength Workout Circuit
MoveStrong Outdoor Training Led Day Rooftop Workout
MoveStrong Rope Ladder Pulls on Nova Functional Training Station
Push up variations on the MoveStrong M3 Bars
Functional Strength Upper body Circuit MoveStrong
MoveStrong DynaBell and Climbing rRope Workout
Morning moves to start the day with the MoveStrong #DynaBell and Climbing rope!🌞💪🍁 Upper body functionaltraining circuit: - Dynabell split lunge over shoulder swings - Kneeling over shoulder swings - Hammer curls and overhead Tricep ext.- Halos - Front raise variations- Climbing rope rotational pulls - No legs rope climb
MoveStrong Upper Body Functional Strength Workout Bodyweight Training Workout Bodyweight, Bodyweight Workout, Strength Workout
MoveStrong Upper Body Functional Strength Workout Bodyweight Training
MoveStrong Upper Body Functional Strength Workout Bodyweight Training
movestrong on Instagram: Sunday unwind with some mobility work utilizing the #MoveStrongStallBars Use the rungs spaced at 6” apart to help maneuver and leverage… Instagram, Garages, Garage Gym, Ejercicio, Leverage
movestrong on Instagram: Sunday unwind with some mobility work utilizing the #MoveStrongStallBars Use the rungs spaced at 6” apart to help maneuver and leverage…
Team Training On MoveStrong Functional Staircase
Watch functional strength and conditioning exercises in a team effort while passing and sandbag from one to another and running the steps. Team training with coordination, agility, and physical fitness that taxes the entire body.💪💯
MoveStrong Kickplate For Medicine Ball Power Throws
The MoveStrong nova functional training station offers a kickplate feature that’s ideal for medicine ball training in sports performance power development. Shown here are some different throat exercises for rotational power development.
Challenging Pull-up Variations
Various pull-ups performed on the MoveStrong Pull-up Bracket System. SHown here arethe tradiitonal monkey bars connected between wall mounted brackets. Some challenging pull-ups show at Troy City Fitness!
Lateral Duck-Unders With DynaBells
Youth athletes utilizing the MoveStrong DynaBell, multi-handle functional fitness dumbbell, while performing lateral lunge duck unders. Great functional strength movement for athletes of all ages.
Pull-up Bar Workout
Rooftop workout on the MoveStrong #PullupBracketSystem featuring glob grip pull-ups, the Z-pattern monkey bar, for a nonstop variety of bodyweight pulling exercises to strengthen upper body and grip.👊💪
Plank Variations With The Elevate Trainer
Nice plank variations with the @elevatetrainer 💯👍🔥💪 Elevate your core with the ElevateTrainer System! Here we have: Knee to Elbow Knee to Opposite Elbow Mountain Climbers Due to our set up, We’re having to not only set up our shoulders but we also need to squeeze our chest together. You’ll feel the “ in our shoulders, core, and your quads! Give it a try as a core finisher!
Climbing Workout with Cliff Hanger Grips MoveStrong
The MoveStrong outdoor functional training station offers the cliffhanger grip option for working grip and upper body strength.
Bodyweight fitness upper body strength and grip training
Make your way through the MoveStrong outdoor Functional Training Station using the monkey bars, cliff hanger grips, and pullup bars for a great upper body workout!
Circuit of bodywirght strength exercises. Also using super bands for some dynamic and assisted movements. MoveStrong FitGround Elite parallel bars for assited band dips, push up to T, incline pushups. MoveStrong Stall bars for reach backs, feet elevated pushups, band assist power pushup, and pullups.
Upper body and core strength moves on M3 Bars
MoveStrong M3 bars it’s a great tool for Bodyweight and Course strength training. Here’s a great combo exercise to really challenge you!
Upper body and Grip Strength Work on Money Bars
Utilizing the MoveStrong pull-up bracket system with Monkey Bars to build upper body and grip strength.
Ground Rotational Trainer Functional Strength Exercises
Static lunge to press, kneeling press, and lateral lunge variations followed by rotational work kneeing and standing. Great functional strength work with Olympic bar and the GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer, a.k.a landline) attachment from the #NovaFTS as a direct wall mount. Great for the #MoveStrongGarage addition. Learn more about MoveStrong Functional Fitness equipment at
Bodyweight Suspension Elevate Trainer Push-up Variation Exercises Challenges, Exercise
Bodyweight Suspension Elevate Trainer Push-up Variation Exercises
Bodyweight Suspension Elevate Trainer Push-up Variation Exercises
Outdoor Gym Backyard Strong Functional Strength
If your gonna work biceps, might as well make it a dynamic and functional workout!😤💪 Here’s a functional strength circuit that leaves you with a bicep pump, engages the entire body, gets you moving in all directions, and your heart pumping as you perform in a interval circuit.🔥😅 -Battle Rope low pulls to over shoulder - Battle Rope Hammer Grip Double Waves followed by Alternate Waves - 30lb weighted #SledgeBell Squat with catch and flip - SledgeBell Lateral lunge catch bell with palms up