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Wander in the world of Mosaic Art! Get the latest home design tips, and the newest mosaic designs, and Enjoy the artistic and creative news Mozaico has for…
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What goes into the creation of our mosaics? We’ve had so much interest in the actual process of creating our handmade mosaic pieces, we’re devoting this article to it! #mozaico #mosaics #DIY #howto
Interested to know about the different types of grout and the grouting techniques?  Check out our new blog to read all about it ! #mosaic #mosaicart
Excited to become a mosaic artist? Check out our new blog that will give you the how tos and some precautions to take to start creating your own mosaic art at home!

DIY Mosaic

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Ukraine is at the center of world news right now – as we learn more about the country’s history, we’ve grown aware of its deeply rooted traditions and working artists.
Hisham’s palace, also known as Khirbat Al-Mafjar, is one fascinating archaeological home to some of the most prestigious and breathtaking mosaics in the world. Here are a few mosaic pieces from this archaeological phenomenon! #mozaico #mosaics #hishampalace #history #mosaicart
For mosaic art enthusiasts, this is already an outstanding year for mosaic discoveries. Our favorite art medium is still generating surprises, as with the latest archaeological finds in Turkey. Let's be amazed! ✨ #mosaicart #mozaico #history

Mosaic Inspirations

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Often we are overwhelmed by the negativity all around us to see the beauty in the little things. One of the many things that uplift us on a daily basis is art. So, we are here to remind you of the power of art through the breaking news on mosaics from all around the world! #mozaico #mosaics #mosaicart #mosaictileart #art #creativitynews
A key figure in black feminism and the civil rights movement is Ida B Wells. As far back as 1883, Wells is well known for her refusal to leave her first-class seat in the so-called “white” coach. She was recently made into the main subject of a mosaic portrait! #mozaico #blacklivesmatter
From mosaic portraits, to public art, and mosaic art projects, we bring you all recent news on mosaic art tiles. Explore the blog and keep yourself updated on the latest mosaic artwork. . . #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaicprojects #mosaictiles #mosaicpatterns #mosaicdesigns #mosaicartprojects #mosaicartpatterns #mosaicartideas

Mosaic in Everyday Life

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Your kitchen mosaics backsplash and countertop is the most important and noticeable part of your kitchen, making it its core and heart. That’s why here at Mozaico, we’ve managed to create elegant and aesthetic mosaics to embellish your kitchen the way it deserves. Here are some of your artist’s best kitchen mosaics. #mozaico #mosaicart #kitchendesign #mosaicbacksplash #kitchenbacksplash
In case you’ve ever wondered about the diversity of the pool surfaces you see everywhere, we’re here to tell you that many different options, especially mosaic tile art, will add beauty and luxury. Here are some of our mosaic tile artworks that are sure to leave you in awe! #poolmosaics #mozaico #mosaic #mosaics #mosaictileart
It doesn’t matter if you are living in a small apartment or a private duplex, empty walls demand to be filled with aesthetics that reflect your personality. With so many decor options available, decorating finding wall art ideas can become a difficult project. Our designers chose the top 10 options for you! #mozaico #mosaicart #wallart #wallartideas

Mosaic Home Decor

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Majestic, beautiful, and fascinating, lions are beloved by many. From childhood on, these big cats captivate us. Their strength and character make them popular symbols for team mascots, protective totems and statues, family crests, and even mosaics. Lion mosaics are some of our favorites! #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaics #mosaictileart #animalmosaic #lion #art
Honoring History: The World’s Earliest Mosaics from  Mesopotamia | History of Mosaics | Ancient Mosaics |
What are the major challenges faced by ‪#‎mosaic‬ ‪#‎artists‬ today? Take a look at this week's Interview and meet a mosaicist behind the scenes! Mosaic Artist - Art Interview - Mosaic Patterns | #Mozaico

Animals Mosaic Art

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday many await. It’s a celebration of love that goes beyond boundaries. Immortal, pure, and unconditional. We're here to celebrate love the way we know best: through breathtaking mosaics that immortalize passion and love like no other! #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaics #valentinesday
Christmas is like no other this year with the COVID in the air. It is the year to value what we have and be grateful for everything we have. Art has always been a reflection of times and challenges, and here’s how you can celebrate this Christmas with Mosaics. . #mozaico #mosaics #mosaicart #christmas #gifts
As the earthy smell of autumn sets in, the festive spirit is officially in the air. Many of us fall in love with Autumn and Winter, and we would always love to cherish their magical spirit for a longer time. Autumn and Winter inspired mosaic art will immortalize the beauty of the festive season. #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaics #mosaictileart #autumn #christmas

Mosaic Event Decors

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A garden is the natural capacity of its household; where anxiety disappears, & tranquility blooms. Often, spicing up your garden with mosaic garden art completes the whole look! #mozaico #garden #gardenart #mosaicgardenart #stylinggarden
Ready for a flight of fancy? This year’s rich and exciting decor trends include many natural elements, including plant and animal-themed art. Bird mosaics from our collection are an appealing way to refresh your interiors with vibrant art. #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaictileart #birdmosaics #birds #art #nature #homedecor #wallart
The mysteries and beauties of the sea are especially appealing at this time of the year. Is there anyone who doesn’t have pleasant associations with warm water, waves, and vacation thrills? Adding nautical mosaics to your spaces can be refreshing. Take a look at our top 10 nautical mosaics. #mozaico #mosaicart #mosaics #fishmosaics

Nature Mosaic Art

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Looking to add some superhero decor items to your rooms? We gathered a collection of cool decor ideas that are sure to add super effects* to your room
Mirror Mirror: 10 Most Attractive Portrait Expressions - Mosaic Portraits - Expressionism - Mosaic Designs - Mosaic Patterns - Expressive Mosaics | Read our blog and muse on the perception of 10 of the most most attractive portrait expressions ! #Mozaico
Samuel Rodriguez: Thearthour - Abstract Art - Blog - Abstract Paintings - Art Perspective - Art Conception - Conceptual Art | #Mozaico

People Mosaic Art

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