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For most people, fat bulges are something they don’t want. It makes our thighs jiggle, our clothes fit tight and look bad, and typically lingers despite our torturous attempts to eliminate it. Too much of it increases our risk for certain illnesses.

How to Activate Your Brown Fat Cells to Speed up Weight Loss ...

How to Activate Your Brown Fat Cells to Speed up Weight Loss ...

Cold Temperatures Bring Brown Fat to Life Keep Cool to Activate Your Brown Fat Deposits An Apple a Day with Its Peel on Keeps the Weight at Bay Try a Low-fat, High-carb Diet

We produce and store two primary types of fat cells: brown fat and white fat. It turns out brown fat is loaded with benefits, including burning calories, decreasing dangerous fats and improves heart health. So how to you increase it in your body? Learn the 5 ways!

Increasing Your "Brown Fat": A Key to Weight Loss

Of the two primary types of fat cells that we produce and store, brown fat has more benefits because it helps us burn more calories. Learn how to activate.

Emerging science looks at how brown fat cells could play a role in the fight against obesity. -

The Color of Your Fat Cells Could Be Why You Aren't Losing Weight

New Metabolic Signature of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Revealed in Leigh Syndrome Variant - Mitochondrial Disease News

Activating brown fat to combat obesity!

Fat fuels cancers spread in mice: Dietary needs of metastatic cancer cells could prove to be their Achilles heel.

2016 -Researchers are getting closer to learning how to turn white fat cells into brown fat cells, in a process called "beiging," to bring down blood sugar levels and fight diabetes.

'Beiging' white fat cells to fight diabetes: Penn Study reveals a signaling pathway required for beige fat formation

Cell nucleus protein in brown fat cells governs daily control of body temperature -- ScienceDaily

Cell nucleus protein in brown fat cells governs daily control of body temperature

Biorhythm of brown fat has implications for combating obesity, associated diabetes and heart disease, finds an interdisciplinary team from Penn Medicine

Scientists are turning to the public to fund their research on brown fat cells in order to tackle diabetes and obesity.

Innovative Crowdsourcing Project to Fund Research on "Brown Fat Cells" - Diabetes News Journal

Excessive stress can cause white fat cells to change into brown fat #Burning, #Cells, #Energy

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that those who suffer from chronic stress experience long-term changes in their brain that makes them susceptible to mood disorders and high anxiety.

Adipose Tissue - Credit: STEVE GSCHMEISSNER/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

White, Brown and Beige Fat

Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of fat cells (adipocytes, round) surrounded by fine strands of supportive connective tissue. Adipocytes are among the largest cells in the human body, each cell being 100 to 120 microns in diameter.

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