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a white chest of drawers in a room with blue wallpaper and flowers on the wall
This post is sponsored by Woodpeckers Crafts.Hello everyone! I am super excited to share my latest furniture makeover project with you all! I am teaming up again with the incredible folks at Woodpecker Crafts to bring this project to you.You may remember from earlier this spring, my Wood Egg Garland project where I used their wooden eggs and beads to make a delightful spring piece of decor — well I enjoyed their wooden craft products so much, I knew when I was looking around on thei…
a metal tree with lights on it in the shape of a heart is shown against a white wall
a person is making a basket out of wood
Do you ever get excited about working with a special craft material? Well right now my new found craft material is wood veneer edging! You can find quite a few wood veneer edging crafts on Pinterest. Unlike working with regular lumber wood, you don't need any special woodworking skills! Wood veneer edging is thin - making it easy to work with in creating lots of cool items like lanterns, pendant lights, lamp shades, etc. I started using wood veneer edging while making some Christmas…
two copper pipes connected to each other on a white surface with space for the letter e
11 other bloggers and I started a DIY Home Depot Gift challenge each month, where we all take the same item from Home Depot and create a gift for someone. This month our item was a copper "t," and the gift was for our spouse/significant other. So, I got to thinking what I could make my husband! I came up with a copper pipe clock for his office. It wasn't too hard, either! First, I stained my 8x8 wooden panel with a dark walnut stain. When it dried, I applied a thin layer of Polycryli…
two potted plants sitting on top of a wooden table next to a gray couch
Bubble Painting Technique
Copy this unique decorating technique Start by pouring bubbles on a terra cotta pot! Do you remember when you were a kid and you blew bubbles in your drink until your Mom yelled at you? Welp, here's your chance to relive your childhood!
a bedroom with white walls and wooden furniture
Easy Bedroom Wall Moulding No Sawing DIY
Affordable wall moulding idea with no saw PVC molding. Budget friendly wall moulding idea for a cozy and high end bedroom makeover. Upgrade your bedroom decor with this easy accent wall makeover idea.
a person holding a knife on top of a cutting board next to potted plants
Zip Bag Hack to Fit Your Snack.
If you’ve ever packed a lunch or snacks for your kids, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated at not having the right-sized plastic baggie. It’s happened to me several times that I wished I had a ziplock bag in all sizes in my kitchen. The problem that there is no way to store all those different supplies in an ordinary pantry!! I probably need one of those super sophisticated panty that we see on HGTV Reno houses to store all sizes baggies heh!But recently I came across a tip on Ti…
a white and blue christmas ornament hanging on the side of a wall in a circle
two white nightstands sitting next to each other
Whitewashed Nightstands
I picked up a pair of nightstands that were luckily already prepped for me with primer. I wasn't really sure what direction I wanted to go, so I just grabbed the paint and went with it. The BeginningSo here are the nightstands. Very simple. I could have gone in any direction with them I suppose. I grabbed a can of paint I already had on hand and I got to work. Since they were already prepped and primed all I had to do was clean the dust off. Gothic GrayI have a ton of paints alread…
some white circles and a rolling pin on top of brown paper next to a wine glass
Mini Vases for Succulents
Modeling clay simply remains one of my favorite materials! You can do so many beautiful things with it. The DIY mini vases for succulents and cacti are brand new to my collection. Grab some modeling clay and roll it out about 5mm thick.
a group of dogs that are sitting on a wall together in the shape of hexagons
Octagon Picture Tiles
We take so many snapshots with our phones but do we actually DO anything with these pictures? Instead of simply sending them off to cloud storage, create a collage of octagon picture tiles. These honeycomb shapes are not only trending but they can be enjoyed in smaller spaces, like cubicles and cramped desks (where you wouldn’t have room for a gallery wall of pictures). You’ll need: (affiliate links on my blog earn proceeds that are all donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue…
a wicker chair sitting on top of a rug next to a wooden rocking chair
How to Transform Plain Placemats into a Stunning Area Rug
Looking for renter-friendly decor? Check out this creative idea for making DIY area rugs from placemats. Add style to your temporary space!
a basket filled with oysters sitting on top of a wooden table next to other items
How To Make Easy Homemade Firestarter
Recycle old tea bags for this quick and check homemade Firestarter.
some plants that are sitting on top of a wooden table with the words diy upcycled lampshade
How to Upcycle Wire Lampshade Frames into Plant Stands