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a man sitting on top of a rug in the middle of a field
a small bed in a room with a lamp next to it
‎اكلوفوبـيا (@iirees) on X
a woman talking on a cell phone while looking out the window at an apartment building
an old run down building in the middle of a city at night with buildings lit up behind it
an empty window in the corner of a room that is being renovated with blue paint
и будто мы тут с тобой только одни
a teddy bear sitting in the window of an apartment building at night, looking out
Adalet Çıkmazı
an apartment building at night with the moon in the sky and people standing on the balconies
a person wrapped in a blanket sitting at a kitchen window looking out onto the yard
a tea pot is on the stove with steam rising from it
an unmade bed is in front of a large rug on the wall behind it