Cuadrado de abuela por el gancho

Cuadrado de abuela por el gancho

Las mejores puntadas crochet para tu colección * 25 motivos * ~ Patrones para Crochet

Las mejores puntadas crochet para tu colección * 25 motivos *

Best crochet stitches for your collection * 25 * ~ reasons for Crochet Patterns

You will need: Thin and soft yarn (cotton + acrylic); Needless No.2. How to knit: Sweater is composed from two details, knitted separately. The length of each detail is equal to the length from one hand to another, on the bust line. Will cast on needle an even number of stitches. Every detail will be loosely knit with the following pattern: Rows 1-4: Jersey point; Row 5: 1 edge stitch, * 2 knit stitches together, double yarn over *, it's repeating * - * until the end of row, 1 edge stitch…

Knitted shrug for sale on Etsy. No pattern. Cotton Summer Cropped Sweater Shrug in Ivory color, hand knitted,

DJC: Spirals Seamless Crochet Top by Doris Chan - pattern I like the pattern, maybe for a skirt?

crochet top with bright asymmetric strips - uses short row technique to overlay the sloping rows - neat

Repurposed inspiration:add lace shoulder/sleeves to tee

Inspiration- I'm not sure how the crochet is added here- maybe sewn over a spaghetti-tank but it even looks like a shrug! No Difference, though: I think it's a brilliant way to make crocheted "sleeves" & either sew on as shown, or add it to a handmade top