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an old map shows the routes for various countries
Three Continent Train. The Taurus Express to Iraq and Egypt
The Taurus Express to Iraq and Egypt: Three Continent Train | retours
four different types of train cars are shown in black and white, with the words oriente - express on them
L'Orient-Express à travers les époques : 1883 1898 et 1909
the orient express restaurant and bar logo on a red menu cover with gold trimming
an old - fashioned ticket with the words save the date written in black on it
a map showing the route of an ancient railroad system in europe, with two trains running through it
The Orient Express
Orient Express Route Map | Orient Express
an old map showing the routes of different countries
Orient Express
a red train sitting on the tracks next to a brick wall and power lines above it
an old green train is parked on the tracks near some trees and grass in front of it
a red and black train on the tracks with people standing next to it near some power lines
The 5 Best Looking Electric Locomotives Ever Made
an old red train is sitting on the tracks in front of some power lines and wires
MU's (Owls) depart South Amboy NJ yard for evening commuter run to NYC. 4/4/67. From postcard image by Carl H. Sturner
a red and yellow train traveling down tracks next to a loading platform with people standing on it
Красная стрела
a red train car with rainbow painted on it's side sitting at a station