Christmas table runner

Christmas runner from the book "Loose Change: Quilts from Nickels, Dimes and Fat Quarters" - Martingale-I have the pattern if anybody wants it--the book is out of print.

Oya Güray ile Tezhip Sanatı   --TR

the word 'tezhip,' meaning 'goldening' in Arabic, is a luminous and attractive manuscript art.

original manuscript calligraphy VAV ELİF by ELOFI on Etsy

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الَّلهمَّ صَلَّ عَلَی محمَّدٍوآلِ محمَّد وعَجِّل فرجهم و العن اعدائهم اجمعين

Berrak bir duaya amin diyecek müminler vardır her zaman.


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