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an anime character with green hair wearing a dress and holding a dog in her hand
two anime characters are holding hands and looking at each other's back while standing next to each other
two anime characters standing under an umbrella in the rain, one holding a cell phone
Japanese Couple’s Snow Storm Interview - Code Geass | Special Feeling / 特別な気分
two anime characters dressed in white and green hair, one is holding the other's hand
a man and woman hugging each other while holding shopping bags
嵐月 on Twitter
Green Hair, Head Wreath, Games Images, Yellow Eyes, Manga Pictures, Anime Style
World Of Code Geass - コードギアス
two anime characters hugging each other in black and white
Character Concept, Karate Martial Arts, Mecha Anime, Anime Cosplay, Girl Drawing
[Creayus] The Many Possible Hairstyles of C.C
a drawing of a woman hugging another woman's back with her arm around her neck
two anime characters sitting on the ground with their arms around each other in front of them