The Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi) By Yaşar Koç - Istanbul, Turkey. What a pretty picture for the Maiden's Tower.

Istanbul - Copper at the Grand Bazaar. The cevze is used to boil Turkish coffee.

Istanbul - Copper at the Grand Bazaar. The cevze is used to boil Turkish coffee. I would love to attend the Grand Bazaar!

Bosphorus, Istanbul

We'll cross The Bosphorus Bridge, from Asia to Europe, at the start of the Istanbul Marathon. The bridge is m ft) long with a deck width of 39 m ft). The distance between the towers (main span) is m ft) and their height over road level is 105 m ft).

Bosphorus Istanbul Turkey

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü / Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge ~ İstanbul, Turkey ~ Freeman Fox & Partners ~ Gravity-anchored Suspension Bridge ~ m / ft ~ Also known as the Second Bosphorus Bridge.

Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul is the largest city in the Middle East and contains nearly active mosques. This is a list of three of the most amazing mosques in Istanbul.

The Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul..truly one of the most beautiful places I have seen... i want to return one day

Quédate de piedra

The Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul.truly one of the most beautiful places I have seen. i want to return one day Türkiye

Galata Tower, İstanbul, Turkey.

Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey - Explore the World, one Country at a Time…

Calligraphy, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Ayasofya, Calligraphy plates and the minbar, the place where the imam leads the Friday prayer.

street food simit

✿ ❤ street food simit - Turkey - İstanbul (Maiden’s Tower) Kızkulesi ve simitlerimiz :)) ❤ ✿

Dolmabahçe Saat Kulesi - İSTANBUL BYZANTIUM by Fatih TOLGADolmabahçe Saat Kulesi: Dolmabahçe Sarayı’nın barok saat kulesi, 1890 - 1894 yılları arasında Sultan II. Abdülhamit tarafından yaptırılmıştır. Mimarı bilinmemesine rağmen Balyan ailesinden olduğu kesindir. Saatçi başı Johann Meyer’in kullandığı Paul Garnir saatleri, 1979 yılında kısmen elektronik hale getirilmiştir.

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Istiklal Avenue in Taksim, Istanbul (Turkey). Independence Avenue) is one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul, Turkey, visited by nearly 3 million people in a single day over the course of weekends.

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