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Rustoleum's NeverWet can be use to write secret messages that stay invisible until it rains

How to Make a Moss Shower Mat | need to make this for the back door!

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Ten Genius Things You Can Do With A Glue Gun

Flux Snowshoe features adaptable footprint that reacts to its environment. Inspired by origami, the folding platform shrinks away when a hiker lifts his/her foot to take a step and automatically open as they set their foot back down.

These 2 gills pull the oxygen out of the water so you can BREATHE like a fish. Holy crap people.

sit stand Sit & Stand Walking Assistant May Replace Boring Old Crutches. From the desk of Data Digger Don Building Your Online Business Reputation. Thank you!. More Free tips and services... visit http://

Breathe Freely Underwater COOL..!!!