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Том Эллис: 21 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Actor playing LUCIFER was in the British Comedy Series 'Miranda' with Miranda Hart & Patricia Hodge & he plays Gary. I have watched Miranda repeatedly & still laugh at the jokes every time. It often helped me to sleep.

Lucifer Morningstar / Tom Ellis

Lucifer Morningstar / Tom Ellis Lucifer’s suits are primarily Burberry, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss and Canali. Each of these suits show well on camera and fans with a keen eye will notice that he tends to wear the same suits over and over again.

transcendence rebecca hall johnny depp

Transcendence Movie Still If you had a chance to become immortal… would you take it? Lock in your weekend plans and see Transcendence in cinemas now!

Johnny Depp

i'm jess, from england, & i love johnny depp (like, a lot) i also love twin peaks // twd // brba // winona ryder // ahs // jeff buckley // hbc // tim burton movies // oitnb // a couple of other things //