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Isis. "I am all that is, was, or ever will be." Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais

ISIS: Alchemy Isis, queen of the sky, the earth and the moon, is one of the most enigmatic goddesses in history (whether or not you consider mythology history is irrelevant; she is part of our collective psyche and has been for thousands of years). Like any female deity she was associated with motherhood and fertility, but her primary domains were magic and healing.

Tantric Marriage - yoga hindu shiva shakti painting, enlightened balance - 36"x26". $295.00, via Etsy.

luna by d6sensewill Luna (goddess), the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon

Isis by on @deviantART

Fairy and Dragon by Rachael Anderson

Lily of the Valley Flower Fairy Art Print by twosilverstars, $10.00