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an image of some type of animation with text on the bottom and bottom half of it
an image of a person sitting in front of bookshelves
Potterhead Problems - draco is good
an article about the character of mrs westley in harry potter's movie series
Avenger's Brother
an image of clowns from the movie it's not easy to tell if they are real or fake
an image of the back side of a book
OMG the book titles at the end. Actually laughed out loud!!
someone is laying on the floor next to a door mat that says keys phone wallet
23 "Harry Potter" Themed Gifts For True Potterheads
a book shelf with books and a neon sign on the wall above it that says lightning
the monster book of monsters is next to some harry potter wands and two pairs of glasses
Harry Potter Valentine Box: The Monster Book Of Monsters
It may take a little time but making this Harry Potter Valentine Box is a lot of fun!