Ottoman Janissary Balta Battleaxe, 18th century Measurements: overall length 70 cm, bit 18 cm A massive example, the form strongly associated with the Janissary Corps. The heavily-bearded, rectangular head scrolled where it meets the socket, with broad, elaborately gold- inlaid borders involving seven-pointed suns surrounded by seven circles or stars throughout.

Ottoman Janissary Balta Battleaxe, century Measurements: overall length

An extremley ornately decorated helmet from the collection of the Stibbert Museum in Florence, Italy

Kanlı sırt Çanakkale

scrapironflotilla: “ Looking back from Lone Pine to the jumping off trench from which the Australian Infantry Brigade commenced its successful attack on Lone Pine on 6 August Several corpses are lying in the foreground amid debris and coils.

Mirliva Halil Paşa (Halil Kut Paşa)

Ottoman war stuff!

Ottoman zirah (mail shirt), shown with a kalkan (shield), quiver, saddle, sword and standard. Trophys captured after the Battle of Vienna in

Yörük Ali Efe (a famous Zeybek / Zeibek Yörük Army leader during WWI and the Turkish Independence War).

The exhibition being held in Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Portugal, Lisbon, explores the history of close diplomatic and cultural relations between the Russian State and Iran of the Safavid period and Ottoman Turkey throughout XVIth-XVIIth centuries.

Eskişehirde yunan kampı.

Eskişehirde yunan kampı.

Fahrettin Paşa'nın solunda Afgan Kralı Emanullah Han. Emanullah Han Türk, Paşa ise Afgan bayrağına sarılmış

Osman Pasha He graduated the Military Academy in Istanbul /Constantinople/. He participated in the Crimean War and in the su.

Moscow Kremlin Museums: - Tsars and the East. Gifts from Turkey and Iran in the Moscow Kremlin (Late to early century)