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This interactive eye diagram has pop-up definitions for each part of the eye -

Vision is our most "dominant" sense. First, light enters the eye; then, organs in the eye perform transduction, turning visual signals into neural impulses. Then, neural impulses are transported to the Occipital Lobe's Visual Cortex and interpreted.

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Read about ankylosing spondylitis (AS) diagnosis, treatment, causes and symptoms, and learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of anterior uveitis (eye inflammation associated with AS).

Dry vs Wet Macular Degeneration

The Normal Macula Compared to Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration - Illustration by Bob Morreale, provided courtesy of the American Health Assistance Foundation.

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Consultant Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgery practice in Cork, provides the highest standard of care possible to patients with eye disease

Anatomy of the eye

Human eye anatomy with descriptions and pictures of each part of the human eye. Master Eye Associates optometrists know ocular anatomy and how to care for your eyes!