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Stele of the sculptor Bek with his wife Taheret Bek or Bak (Egyptian for “Servant”) was the first chief royal sculptor during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. His father Men held the same position under Akhenaten’s father Amenhotep III; Ancient Egypt History, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Old Egypt, Egypt Art, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Egypt Museum, Ancient Mysteries

Stele of the Sculptor Bek with his wife Taheret...

Stele of the sculptor Bek with his wife Taheret Bek or Bak...

The variety of Egyptian Ornaments. The Architecture of Egypt has this peculiarity over all other styles, that the more ancient the monument the more perfect is the art. Feather Illustration, Victorian Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Ancient Egypt Art, Ancient History, Art History, Egyptian Symbols, Egyptian Art, Egyptian Drawings

Egyptian Ornaments and Decorations.

The variety of Egyptian Ornaments. The Architecture of Egypt has this peculiarity over all other styles, that the more ancient the monument the more perfect is the art. All the remains with which w…

Cleopatra before Mark AntonyCleopatra’s family ruled Egypt for more than 100 years before she was born around 69 B. The stories and myths surrounding Cleopatra’s tragic life inspired a number of books, movies and plays, including Antony and. Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient History, Women's History, Egyptian Queen, Ancient Egyptian Art, Cleopatra Pictures, Egypt Art

Cleopatra VII

As queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. The stories surrounding Cleopatra's tragic life inspired a Shakespeare play.

Title: Osiris, Isis and Horus Time: B. This is a Statue of the Egyptian god of Osiris Isis and hours together. It is made out gold and lapis lazuli.

The family of Osiris. Osiris on a lapis lazuli pillar in the middle, flanked by Horus on the left and Isis on the right (22nd dynasty, Louvre, Paris)

Learn more about ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses from Amun to Horus and Ra, how was their functions, duties and more about them. Isis Goddess, Mother Goddess, Egyptian Goddess, Goddess Of Love, Egyptian Art, Maat Goddess, Goddess Symbols, Snake Goddess, Anubis

Mut - was an ancient Egyptian mother goddess with multiple aspects that changed over the thousands of years of the culture. Alternative spellings are Maut and Mout. She was considered a primal deity, associated with the waters from which everything was born through parthenogenesis.

Who is Ra? Ra is the sun god of Egypt. He has many qualities and even took the names of other gods as evolved in the Egyptian myths. One of the examples is the god Ra and Amun together merged as Amun-Ra or Ra-Harakhte from the gods Ra and Horus. Egyptian Pharaohs, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Symbols, Egyptian Art, Ancient Egypt Art, Ancient History, Empire Romain, 3d Laser, Gods And Goddesses

Egyptian God RA-the Sun God

Make YOUR Psychic Connection to the Great Egyptian God Ra. See Pyramid Pictures. Read of Ra in Earth's Oldest Liturgy, the Pyramid Text [of Unas]. Then See and Read of Ra opening the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Wear the "Eye of Ra" to RESURRECT with Celestial Light. Even read of Scot Aaron's coma in Egypt. ... Connect with Ra!

Anuket - Anuket was the personification and goddess of the Nile river in the Egyptian mythology in Elephantine, at the start of the Nile's journey through Egypt, and in nearby regions of Nubia. Ancient Egyptian Deities, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Goddess, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Art, Anubis, Egyptian Party, Egypt Art, Gods And Goddesses

Anuket was the personification & goddess of the Nile. She was depicted as a woman with a headdress of feathers, & her sacred animal was the gazelle. Ceremonially, when the Nile started its annual flood, the Festival of Anuket began. People threw coins, gold, jewelry, and precious gifts into the river, in thanks for the life-giving water and returning benefits derived from the wealth provided by her fertility to the goddess.

egypt-museum: “ Coffin of Ramesses II A cedar wood coffin case of the pharaoh Ramesses II (r. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ancient Art, Ancient History, Art History, Ancient Egyptian Artifacts, Ancient Egypt Pharaohs, Ancient Civilizations, Egypt Museum, Cairo Museum, Egypt Mummy

Inside One of Egypt’s Biggest Royal Weddings

When Ramses II married a Hittite princess, it strengthened the political alliance between the two former enemies. But the arrangements weren’t easy to make.