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an empty walkway between two brick buildings with grass in the foreground and blue sky above
Gallery of A House for a Young Man / 226arquitectos - 13
three different views of a building with trees and mountains in the backgrouds
"Proje, Cami Mimarlığının Türkiye’de Ulaştığı Katılaşmış Biçimci Tutumla Baş Etmeye Çalışıyor" - Arkitera
a model of a house with grass on the ground and a car parked in front of it
けいかく中 – LEON – - 名古屋市の住宅設計事務所 フィールド平野一級建築士事務所
けいかく中 – LEON – - 名古屋市の住宅設計事務所 フィールド平野一級建築士事務所
a model of a room with furniture and people standing in the doorway, on top of a white surface
High Design Expo 2018
High Design Expo 2018 | São Paulo, SP on Behance
there are two pictures of people playing in the park and one is on a bench
92 Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever
Garabatos, Series Of Benches By Pablo Reinoso
people are sitting on the ground in front of a sculpture with an o - shaped design
mojca kocbek vimos + primož boršič propose a coiled water sculpture for ljubljana
mojca kocbek vimos' water sculpture proposal encourages interaction within the city centre of ljubljana.
an artistic sculpture made out of paper and wooden dows on a white surface with the shape of a sunburst in the center
Torus Elastica Lemniscate
Torus Elastica Lemniscate | von Prof. YM - Torus Elastica Lemniscate pin joint at inner circle- fixed joint at outer circle A4 size base, paper t=178μm 157g/m2