Tacit Mitts by Hunter Hammersen. (Those are little cables!) This pattern is unaccountably satisfying. It should be boring, but it really really really isn't.

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Образцы вязания , схемы

Образцы вязания , схемы

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Wavy Knitting Stitch Pattern

Wavy Knitting Stitch Pattern Scroll down to the bottom of the photo, and click the PDF link to see the Chart of this pattern ~ARNie

Mittens knitting

Mittens knitting - actually, I don't care two hoots about mittens, but this cast on is vital for a seamless centre-out rectangle

Cable Knitting Stitches » Diamonds Cable stitch

Beautiful cable stitch is a multiple of 14 sts and repeat. Using The diamonds stitch would be great for pillows and scarves!

Timsah Sırtı, Krokodil Örgü Örneği - Örgü Örnekleri

This is wonderful and easy baby blanket tutorial. if you are begginer do not worry this blanket is beginner friendly and you can see all the steps in video f.