brezilya nakışı

Simple, beautiful heart for any the beading but one could use knots or pastel tiny flower buttons for faster finish///hand embroidery

Embroidered pillowcases

Pillowcases were embroidered and an edging crocheted, and if that isn't enough, they had to be ironed after washing. I still have boxes of pillowcases my grandmother embroidered.

Recycled Vintage Pillowcase to Upcycled Tea by TwoGirlsLaughing, $22.00

Recycled Vintage Pillowcase to Upcycled Tea Towel - Spring Fling - Homespun…

whitework embroidery by Mihrican Kaya (19.yy bir u0130ngiliz el naku0131u015fu0131 desenini ajur teknikleri kullanarak iu015fledim)

18th & 19th Century Whitework Embroidery