copritavolo bluette

copritavolo bluette cornflower blue tablecloth (I would love to make this but. As big as it is I doubt if I could ever finish it)cj

Whight & Mann's Prima Donna / Treadle lock-stitch, design in beauty c.1870.

Circa 1870 Whight & Mann's famous lockstitch, the Prima Donna, was sold in both hand and treadle forms. The treadle itself was a dedicated design of real beauty and elegance. Today it is a rare item, and highly sought after.

I like the fact that this spins, making it easier to see what you have. Ribbon and trim storage using old wood bobbins and paint stirrers

Crafty Organization Idea - keep lace organized using a wooden spool, paint stir sticks and cup hooks - via Mamie Jane's