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Bir coşku var içimde bugün kıpır kıpır.. Ey sonsuzluğun sahibi, sana ulaşmak istiyorum . ...çok soğuk, üşüyorum.. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu

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I'm gonna learn all about cars dammit. I always thought my step-dad would teach me about cars growing up. He obviously didn't as I destroyed my bat turd (guano - my white POS car) I want to be able to take care of my own shit without hoping some guy will rescue me and be honest about whats wrong with my car. fuck that.

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For #handtoolthursday this week here's a cunning #Lowfat solution I've been playing around with for adding a pencil to the end of a traditional wooden #markinggauge or trammel #furnituremaking #cabinetmaking