Paul Antoine de La Boulaye (1902 – 1961) – Pintor Francês_11

Oriental Beauty with Dutar & Tambourine -Paul de La Boulaye (French Artist)

Lute Player by Egron Sillif Lundgren (Swedish, 1815—1875)

Lute Player by Egron Sillif Lundgren (Swedish,



From the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Prince in a Garden Courtyard," 1525-30

Prince in a Garden Courtyard Date: Geography: Iran, Tabriz Medium: Opaque watercolor, ink, gold, and silver on paper Dimensions: 8 x 4 x Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mughal India musical dream-team

Mughal India musical dream-team

Teodor Aman - Odalisque

Odalisque, by Teodor Aman

Lovers in a Garden, ca. 1625, by an anonymous Persian artist

Lovers in the garden, about an anonymous Persian painter

Exhibition of Persian miniature paintings organized in 2005 by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Pruned: The Earth Scything Its Way Across the Persian Landscape

The Musician By Ludwig Deutsch - Austrian , 1855 - 1935 Oil on panel

Orientalist Paintings by Ludwig Deutsch and Commentary on his work

Persian miniature art

Indo Persian, holy man and saddhu with musicians.

Turkish Women-Preziosi

Amadeo Preziosi - Portrait of a Wealthy Turkish Woman, 1858


Odalisque was sexual slave in The Ottoman palace. Especially the young girls was raised for sex and entertainment.

Islamic Persia: A youthful Musician

Late century Youthful Musician from Persia, gouache heightened with gold on paper: 22 by leaf: 46 by

bodleian library legend of alexander - Szukaj w Google

Al-Hariri: Maqamat (?) Miniature Painting) -Yahya bin Mahmad al-Wasiti (Artist) (?

:::: PINTEREST.COM christiancross :::: Amadeo Preziosi (1816-1882) - Femme turque fumant un narguile, 1852

Amadeo Preziosi - Turkish Woman Smoking A Narguilé. With the Orientalism movement of the late century, European artists introduced the world to the hookah