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a man standing in front of a cage with a dog
Jake Peralta b99
way too sleep deprived to deal with your negativity
a white background with the words if you sing with me in the car imma keep you
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a close up of a young man with blue eyes
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thomas doherty
a man holding up a sign that says exit
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics
Lol we all could be neg. at times. Haha I even tell myself get out of town with that attitude.
people standing on top of a tall building at night with the city lights in the background
Kosmosapien 📎 (@openwidemind) on X
a sign that says act the way you wish other people ated on top of a building
📍Pinterest: Joy 📷Instagram: @karaousta
a young man is walking in the park
an open book with the words sometimes you expect a lot from someone for them, you'd do that much
Thats why you should never expect