Mecca - All those rows are rows filled with people praying. Amazing!

MAKKAH is the holiest city in the Islamic world. Every year, millions of Muslims take a pilgrimage to Mecca

Door of the Kaaba,  Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Door of the Kaaba. Saudi Arabia - In 1979 the 300 kg gold doors made by chief artist Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr, replaced the old silver doors made by his father, Ibrahim Badr in

DesertRose///Cave Hira

The Cave of Hira is the place where the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) received the first revelations of the Holy Quran from Allah Almighty through the angel Jibril. It is located near on the mountain named Jabal al-Nour.

This is my first dream

This is my first dream May Allah subhanutaala grant all of our wishes Ameen.

alixanasworld: Makkah, Saudi Arabia - Somewhere between desert sands...

Saudi Arabia is the home of two holy places of Islam, Makkah and Medina. The holy city of Makkah is the birthplace of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and