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Visita a fábricas La Corona y H. Upmann | Habanos

Visita a fábricas La Corona y H. Upmann | Habanos

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<b>Lleva tu fuente favorita en tu manga proverbial.</b>

A tattoo is a way of self-expression for a life-time. So why not choosing a design from your favorite book? Literature has been inspirational for tattoo lo

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill the first cigar I smoked at my new place sitting by the pool (Sitting Is The New Smoking Products)

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee helping his friend, Unicorn Chan (yes&hellip;Unicorn Chan) out with the choreography in his film, “Fist of the Unicorn”.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali ~ Born January An American professional Boxer, with a mantra "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". there's only one Champion like the great Muhammad Ali.


Muhammad Ali - Athlete - A knock out! He was so kind to our crew, posed for pictures as well as signed autographs. Even though he wasn't able to speak he entertained our first class passengers with a faux fight.

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