My Grandfather's People #STFF #TURKISHFILM #SIFF

dedemin insanlari- "my grandfather's people" i just loved this beautiful drama of Cagan Irmak.

Artwork for award winning Turkish film "Sonbahar / Autumn" by Özcan Alper    it is a psychological drama about Yusuf, who was sentenced as a young student due to his anti-goverment involvement and served 10 years in jail until he was released because of health reasons. With its beautiful and award-winning cinematography and soundtrack, "Sonbahar/Autumn" documents and criticizes the era of post nineties in Turkey and socialism as a shattered dream, exposing the irony and the reality.

Sonbahar 2008 (Autumn) Turkey Director Özcan Alper Dedicated " to the beautiful children of our impatient time" - a film about the autumn of a young Turkish political prisoner.

Köyden İndim Şehire

Köyden İndim Şehire