100th day-have kids do ten balls of ten different colors

100 Day activities: 100 gumballs in a gumball machine. Can do with a bingo dauber or make fingerprints. I'd have them choose 10 colors and make 10 gumballs of each one, so they can easily count to 100 by

A great activity for the 100 Day of School write 100 words as a class! A simple, effective idea for kindergartners and first grade! Love this non-candy idea to celebrate 100 Days of School!

1st Grade Grapevine: 100th Day of School puzzle FREEBIE

Grade Grapevine: Day of School - Center activities for the whole day including this Day Puzzle, counting by tens.

100th day of school: Students color numbers as the teacher calls out numbers in random order

100 Grid: The students colored in the numbers I called out on their number grid. After I finished calling out the numbers in random order – it formed a 100 on their piece of paper. day of school!