Persian Art

yama-bato: Arthur Upham Pope and the New Survey of Persian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago (un-published) C.

Alexandre sous larbre qui parle (waq-waq), artiste anonyme, miniature persane, XVIe siècle. Bibliothèque du musée de Topkapi, Istanbul.

Alexander under the tree speaking (waq-waq), anonymous artist, Persian miniature, sixteenth century.

Mohammed enthroned in heaven, attended by angels. Likely Persian, but date and location unknown

Islamic Depictions of Mohammed with Face Hidden In order to sidestep the prohibition against actually depicting Mohammed, artists in Mu.

Noah's Ark Ottoman Miniature

Noah's Ark Ottoman Miniature at Ark of Crafts under WORKSPACE category is designed by Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery.

Muhammad in front of the Kaaba

Muhammad practicing non-violence while in sustained worship; members of his own community beat him while his loved ones watch