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a man in black jacket leaning against a curtain
The best vampire film ever made - LolSnaps
a woman with black hair and blue eyes is looking at the camera while text reads, what'm feeling i saw some ghosts
#lydia-deetz on Tumblr
a man in a suit and tie with a pumpkin on his head walking down the street
a person reaching for something on top of a box with the words coefins - that's what i really get excited about
folklore, superstitions, myths, and the paranormal
a man in a suit with a pumpkin head on his head walking down the street
a man sitting in the driver's seat of a car wearing sunglasses and a suit
a man in a suit and tie wearing a santa hat
a man standing in front of a door with graffiti on the wall next to him
the office quote with two men in suits and ties, one man wearing a purple bandana
I've been re watching seasons, and I forgot about this wonderful Michael moment!
two pictures with words that say, go to hell oh've been there, thank you i found it quite lovelyly
23 Reasons Why "Hocus Pocus" Is The Best Halloween Movie Of All Time