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An aquarium is an enclosure with at least one clear side that houses water-dwelling fish, plants and other livestock and decorations. An aquarium offers a place for fish and plant life including corals and reefs to live in a contained

Makes Me Happy Monday : My Fish Bowl

This is Abercrombie fish. I saw him in a pet store and immediately thought how cool it would be to have him in a jar in our house because he would MATCH our den. Yes. I really thought that. I bough…

Goldfish as table center pieces at a wedding. Would be perfect for an aquarium wedding

Betta fish centerpiece, but I'd put pretty rocks/plants in mine.

Beta fish centerpiece...maybe putting one in living room

Wedding centerpieces (for guests to take home)! Beta fish and marbles that are your wedding colors. Guests love this! Photo by Elizabeth--- disgusting, betta fish are living creatures and not decorations. I hate to be agressive but this is just cruel.

Wedding centerpieces (for guests to take home)! Beta fish and marbles that are your wedding colors. Guests love this! Photo by @Heather Elizabeth

Betta need gallons, a place to hide, temperatures of degrees Fahrenheit, and a filter. This doesn't provide any of those, and it doesn't matter how temporary it is. They're still stressed out and slowly choking to death on their own waste.

Beta fish in cylinder for our bathroom ~ Kari

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Single-tail goldfish need gallons PER FISH and good filtration. A pond is the best choice for them. They’re social fish and should be kept with 2 or more other goldfish. This doesn’t provide any of those.

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 Here's a fun goldfish centerpiece, can do around the Mill. I really love this but with different fish to go with the color theme.

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Perhaps you’re allergic to flowers, don’t like the look of them, or think having them will cut too deeply into your budget. Whatever the case, there are increasingly inventive, imaginative, and original ways to replace traditional flowers. Here are some of the best ideas out there. Coral (Courtesy Feathers (Courtesy Candles (Courtesy …

Incredibly unique centerpieces with goldfish inside! (Just make sure you find a happy home for the fishie friends after the reception!

10 Creative Non-Floral Centerpieces

Guess how much the average bride in New Jersey spends on flowers for her wedding. Go ahead - guess. $3,000. I will let that sink in. T...

Beta fish centerpiece with floating candle. Created by Kelli Bill-----nooo. Please if you are planning on having a betta fish do your research. Beta Fish Centerpiece, Fish Wedding Centerpieces, Pin Up Party, Fishing Wedding, Quinceanera Themes, Diy Tank, Beautiful Candles, Floating Candles, Crystal Wedding

Beta fish centerpiece with floating candle. Guests could take one home after the party. Created by Kelli Bill