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Includes video for bobbin winder & Warping with a Sectional Beam

Drawdown Image: Classical Collection 6267, Classical Collection 7, compiled by Ralph Griswold, 27S, 28T

Drawdown Image: Classical Collection Classical Collection compiled by Ralph Griswold,

24 shafts | Weefschool de Hoeve

Pictures from: Weaving with Echo and Iris.

www.leclerclooms.com cat_leus FR2016.pdf

www.leclerclooms.com cat_leus FR2016.pdf

A Handbook of Weaves by G. H. Oelsner – Handweaving.net Store

A Handbook of Weaves is a well-known book of beautiful drafts of many varieties by G. Oelsner, director of a weaving school in Werdau, Germany, and published

Drawdown Image: Figure 437, Petzold, Charles G., Construction of Weaves No. 6, 12S, 12T

Drawdown Image: Figure Petzold, Charles G., Construction of Weaves No.