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two white roses sitting on top of a lace covered table cloth with pine needles in the center
Dantel &Lace...🌿🕊🌿#crossstitch #kanaviçe #handmade #elişi#dantel#lace #
the table cloth is white and has an intricate design on it, along with black linens
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a wooden table with white lace on it
white lace on black fabric with an intricate design
a white doily on top of a wooden table
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an embroidered table runner with white flowers and vines on grey fabric, sitting on a red chair
Odun'z Shop - Odun'z C Sehpa | C Sehpa Modelleri
an image of a table cloth that has been embroidered onto it with words written on it
the pattern for an ornamental design
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an open notebook with lace on it and some papers in front of the pages that have been altered to look like doily