I just loooove the flower in 92!  Soooo clever!!!  -    (1) Gallery.ru / Photo # 27 - Book1 - miroslava388

I just loooove the flower in Soooo clever!ru / Photo # 27 - - change the flower to a rose and put along a skirt border

Arte islámico- Tazhib persa estilo shamse (sol)-24 | Galería de Arte Islámico y Fotografía

Islamic Art - Tazhib Persian style "Shams-e" -Sol-, holy places of Islam and the Prophet's Family (P).

Ceramic Brush, Turkish Tiles, Turkish Art, Pottery Designs, Islamic Art, Spray Painting, Painting Vases, Ceramic Painting, Embroidery Designs

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Love everything about it! ☺️ That's 1cm diameter. #islamicart #watercolour #rumi #motif #islimi #tezhip #islamicgeometry #geometry #miniature

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