Egg Snowmen - posted these before but they are just so darn cute figured it was time to post again!

Egg Snowmen---- hard-boiled eggs, a carrot and some peppercorns. These snowmen are a very nice addition to your holiday appetizer platter. Oh and this will make eating eggs more fun for your kids as well ;

Пирог «Букет хризантем» : Выпечка несладкая

Bread and meat rolls - another decorative bread shaping idea - the link doesn't really go anywhere useful.

Fresh grilled veggie tacos

10 Incredible Corn Recipes to Make This Summer

Fresh grilled veggie tacos - or add chicken or beef. I love grilling veggies and adding them to any meal is a plus.


This quick and easy cheese and pepper stick rapped in ham inside hollow cucumber slice is the quick and easy appetizer or snack for anyone to enjoy ! With these hollow cucumber slices, the possibilities of fillings are endless!


this loves fun healthy food, the kind to put a smile on a kid's dial

Cat Rug Crochet Pattern by PaperButtercup on Etsy

♥ oh wow I love this,,, and will be making a few! Cat Rug Crochet Pattern by…

DIY Tomato Dish Decor

Caprese Stuft Tomatoes w/Basil DIY Tomato Platter diy diy ideas easy diy diy food diy dinner diy food art