☥  "By means of the very essence of Divine"; "For the glory of our Creator"; "With the light of the One"; "With the guidance of The Divine"; "As an instrument of the One"; "In harmony with Divine Presence"   |   The central idea here iz that whatever we do, every step that we take, every breath that we breathe, iz done for, because of, and through the essence of, the One. (Wahiduddin Richard Shelquist)

just love this light pink peonies how beautiful Im planting as soon as we get our home so maybe I can make my own bouquet

‏ من تربية الله لك(10 أن يعجل لك عقوبته على ذنوبك حتى تُعجّل أنت التوبة فيغفر لك ويطهرك ولا يدع قلبك تتراكم عليه الذنوب حتى يغطيه الرّان فتعمى سبحان الله..الحمدلله..لا إله إلا الله..الله أكبر...♣

Make beautiful dhikr at all times. Eventually it will be like a never-ending whisper in our hearts. I'm beginning to feel it.

In the name of ALLAH

Angel Wisdom: Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Spiritual Growth


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