Istanbul mosques with calligraphy and letter Vav

The letter VAV, is symbolic of the number six & signifies physical space. it also means 'hook' and said to be the link between every Jew in their will to serve God, found in the core of every Jewish person's heart.

Ahmet Kutluhan - Levha - 8'li Mâşâallâh

“ماشاء الله” re-union: “Masha’Allah” by Ahmet Kutluhan

آية الكرسي #الخط_العربي

Awesome calligraphy 2 meters oil on canvas with gold leaf. Ayat al-Kursi Omar Safa and Fadi Awayed (Agency FLUID)

Surat al-Ikhlas 112:1 Calligraphy Design Say: "He is the One God."

Surat al-Ikhlas Calligraphy Designقُلْ هُوَ. - Islamic Art and Quotes

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