Letter walk: walk around the neighborhood looking for letters on signs, and then fold down tab on the plate.

Make this letter wheel out of a paper plate and then walk around the neighborhood looking for letters on signs, license plates, and utility boxes. Whenever you find one of the letters, fold it down on the plate. For Naomi on car trips.

Car Ride Activities

Letter matching on paper towel tubes with stickers. Fine motor control and letter recognition activity good for a busy bag or road trip.

Fun rhyming activity for kids

Rhyming Activity {Learning After School}

Easter Fine Motor Activity Color Matching Activity

This is the ULTIMATE GUIDE of Busy Bags. Look no further. Busy bags for Baby, Color, Shapes, Letters / ABC, Numbers, Clothes Pin, Popsicle Sticks, Lego, Car and Train, Quiet Books and Boxes, Fine Motor, Nature, Puzzles and many others!

Ultimate Guide of Busy Bag Ideas - 100+ Ideas Sorted by Category

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Number Munch and Other Cup Twisting Games for kids- how simple is that

3 Cup Twisting Fine Motor Games

Number Munch and Other Cup Twisting Games for kids- work on bilateral coordination

word work

Paint Bag Writing Tablet - Put some finger paint or tempera paint into a sturdy freezer ziploc bag. Seal it well and smoosh the paint around the entire bag. Children can practice writing letters or sight words.

Tree of Life Dream Catcher

Instead of regular loops, this one is designed like the branches of a tree (like another one mentioned before). It’s sleek looking especially with the strings and feathers hanging.

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I have seen this site before, and have been SEARCHING for it - somehow stumbled upon it today! YAY! This lady is a genius for at home activities with kiddos. Love ALL her ideas!

Monday, February 2009 Letter Search For this activity I had this foam alphabet puzzle that I got for 88 cents at Walmart:) and a dish of rice. I popped out all the letters and mixed them in with the rice. I set this up in the sensory tub so Caden al