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2014 11 Pearl Tatted Bracelet from Joan's Portal - Tatting - Great pic.very nice tatting. Simple yet elegant bracelet ! No pattern

You will love this gorgeous Flower Chain Crochet Pattern and we have included an Easy Video Tutorial for you to try. Check out the ideas now.

Flower Chain Crochet Pattern Tutorial Easy Video Instructions

Crochet Mini Bead Flower String Tutorial-Video, this would be good as an edging to a handmade top or dress

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Pretty Flower Tutorial

On this board you will find a bunch of crochet related instructions, patterns, video tutorials. Learn to crochet with Design-Peak.

Crochet Beaded Narrow Tape Free Pattern Video - Crochet Tape Free Patterns

Crochet Tape Free Patterns


The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork . (crochet) - Country Mom [ " The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork .", "Knitted with crochet Deniz", "Not in English - needs better directions but it