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Duri Cosmetics is a brand that has been making high quality nail products since 1990! They are not new to the game, they are reinventing the game. Every single time you open a bottle of Duri nail polish you will be invigorated by the quality of their product. Duri is constantly adding new colors and new collections to their line and they have never disappointed us. It's hard to find a nail polish brand that you can count on nowadays and Duri has managed to keep this high quality product…

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Check out @nailmypolish Full Review Here —> | Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish Review by Nail My Polish

Evil Pumpkin Halloween Black and Orange Nails via Evil Pumpkin, Dry Nails Fast, Happy Nails, Black Nail Polish, Orange Nails, Cool Nail Designs, Halloween Pumpkins, Nail Colors, Holiday Ideas

I was already in the process of doing a review for the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry so I decided to do a quick Halloween themed nail display before removing the black color called Fast Lane.The orange color I used was just some random orange lacquer I found in my collection. The silver evil looking pumpkin is basically just a sticker and from there I put the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. Buy nail polish here: Next -->

Paint nails black except for ring finger. Paint ring finger with shiny base coat. Before the base coat dries dip your finger in a jar of gold glitter. The square nail shape goes great with the bold black! Frensh Nails, Nails Polish, Hair And Nails, Acrylic Nails, Nails 2016, Nail Nail, Nail Glue, Polish Food, Opi Nail Polish Colors

Black & Gold Glitter Nail Polish ManicureBlack and Gold Glitter nail polish manicure for the fancy girl out there who enjoys black nail polish but doesn't want to go full black. The gold sparkle nail polish on the one finger looks very good contrasting with the thick, OPI nail lacquer.I know I said this is a black nail polish color, but it could be considered more of a dark grey color. It almost looks like the same color as a chalkboard. None the less, these nails look very healthy and the…

These Louboutin nails are gorgeous! I tried these Louboutin nails once before but I'd love to try them on my own nails. Manicure Y Pedicure, Mani Pedi, Manicure Ideas, Pedicures, Louboutin Nails, Louboutin Pumps, Cute Nails, Pretty Nails, Classy Nails

Louboutin Nail Design - Black & Red Polish Louboutin Nails look so good! This is the definition of luxury and professionalism. Honestly, this is such a good idea for a nail design and every single girl will know exactly what you are trying to pull off with this design. Now you know of the famous Louboutin heels that are pure black and have red underneath the shoe. That is also how you know you have genuine Loubotin's. Now your nails can match your expensive high heels by having a strong…

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Black Toenail Polish in Strappy SandalsBlack toenail polish in strappy sandals. Very cute look and very simple to pull off. Just get yourself a nice black nail polish and paint away. Once you are happy with your toes, get some strappy sandals like these and you are on your way.It's pretty cool how this sandal is put together and looks very charming and sweet. The black toenail polish has a nice shine to it leading to a good looking pedicure.Buy nail polish here: Next --->

Pretty Nails Sexy Feet :) Those toe rings! Beautiful Toes, Pretty Toes, Pretty Nails, Nice Toes, Black Nail Polish, Black Nails, Toe Nail Polish, Sexy Zehen, Painted Toes

Black Toenail Polish on Perfect Feet Check out this Black Toenail Polish on these Perfect Feet. Um..Can you imagine a pair of feet as perfect as these...jealous much! I bet any color of nail polish look good on these feet but the black really looks amazing. Black is one of our favorite nail polish colors because it hides away any flaws and looks extremely sharp. Black toenail polish means you mean business and you are not messing around. The gold toe rings with the small diamonds also are an…

Toe Nail Art Designs 2015 - toe Nail Art Designs 2015 , 30 Fancy and Cool toe Nail Designs 2019 – Sheideas Pretty Toe Nails, Pretty Toes, Fancy Nails, Trendy Nails, Cute Nails, Cute Toenail Designs, Pedicure Designs, Manicure E Pedicure, Pedicure Ideas

Black Toenail Polish with White Polka Dots This is a cute idea! Black toenail polish with cute little white polka dots all over the place. To top it off, there is a very cute white heart on the big toe that has a transparent black polka dot design which really completes this idea. This is one of those ideas that looks very nice and doesn't take much time to do. So if you are sick of just going with the plain solid color look, but don't have time for anything too fancy, this is the perfect…

Solid Black Nails w/ 2 Accented Turquoise faded French Tips w/ Black Feathers on top Nail Art. Just add Rhinestone on these nails & they'll become pure perfection in MY Book. Get Nails, Fancy Nails, Love Nails, How To Do Nails, Gorgeous Nails, Pretty Nails, Feather Nail Art, Feather Design, Feather Nail Designs

Black Feather's on Gradient Teal Nail Polish This one is a true work of art! First off, the solid black color on the couple of finger nails looks great and makes a bold statement. Now the rest of the finger nails is were the artistic design really shows. Not only do you have an amazing gradient teal base coat that fades into transparency. You also have beautifully, hand painted, black feathers on top of the teal base coat. This was done by a true professional and is an intense design for…

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Black Toenail Polish with Colored Dots This is a very simple design, but looks fabulous! The straight black nail polish on the toenails is always a good look in my opinion. It keeps your nails looking fresh and always hides any impurities your nails may have. Also it is easy to slap on some nail art like these colorful dot designs on each nail. This is a great look for anyone looking to have some fun and keep their toes looking fresh. The big toe seems to have about 10 dots on both feet…

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Black & White Toenail Polish Pattern DesignThis black and white toenail polish design is very intricate and professional looking. This look would be very difficult to pull off if you are not use to creating nail designs. Within the black and white polish pattern, there is also shades of gray that do a good job contrasting and mixing the colors together.Also the solid black polish color on some of the toes makes the pattern stick out even more.