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a woman sitting at a desk in front of a sign that says, how i actually study
a lantern hanging from the side of a building with words written below it that read, woh school ke din aaj tak
Missing those days
two emoticions with the caption best school memory washing your time in toilet just to bunk the boring lecture
Best School Memories
a black and white photo with the words board exam
the baby is sleeping in his bed with two men around him and an emoticive smiley face
:D A.H
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an arabic cartoon with the words in english
a baby is looking at the camera with an expression on it's face and saying, i want to sleep but i have exam
a woman sitting on top of a grass covered field
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a girl reading a book with the caption dear exam agar ap pada hoy hi marr gaye hoy
three emoticions with the words duniya ke saare duh e k taraf
an image of a woman reading a book with pencils in her mouth and writing on the
an iphone screen with a cartoon on it and the text question by a student if a single teacher can't teach us all the subjects, how could you expect
a cartoon drawing of a person sitting at a table with an open book and cell phone
an image of a cartoon character with arabic writing
a red squirrel standing on its hind legs and arms up with the caption, vem feriado
an image of a man with his hand up in the air and text reading result hamara bura aaya hai tension rishedaron ko hai
Hacked ByKingTHT!
Result Hamara Bura Aaya Hai
Halle, Desi Jokes
an arabic poem with two children
a drawing of a woman in green pants and black top with text that reads examination hall is the only place where i can sit idle for 3 hours without using my phone
the words in english and arabic are written on a black background with white writing, which reads
an image of someone laughing with emoticions on their face and the caption says, newton, einstein, thomas ka favorite song
Really bhut jyada Sister Quotes, Queen, Lamborghini, Real Friendship Quotes
Really bhut jyada
two children with different expressions and words in the same language, one boy has his hand on his mouth
two different types of logos with the words, how my brain works during exam and loading try again
Exactly me
a girl with long black hair holding her hand to her face
an image of a cartoon character saying dear exam, you're just like monday nobody likes you
an image of two emoticions in different languages
Last h de de koi..
an image of a person reading a book with the caption nahh hora yaro padhana di ni bolra
two books with the title 3 hours later okay, i'll study tomorrow
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Happens with me everytime! #Funny #Exams #Jokes
an image of a hand reaching up with the words ittu sa bhi nai padha aur exam aa gaye
a man sitting at a table in front of a bottle with the caption, we all have that one person in the class who is knows by name teacher ka chancha