Illuminated Manuscript. Yeah, I just went to the BYU Islamic Art exhibit. Bet you can't tell.

yama-bato: “ Illuminated Manuscript, The left side of a double-page illuminated frontispiece, Walters Art Museum Ms. The incipit page from an illuminated codex of the Koran (Qur’an) with.


Planispheric Astrolabe (and also below) from Persia, (A. Made by Muhammad Amin. One of the many astrolabes from the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, who describe their coll.


some of the most intricate, methodical, and of course beautiful works of art I've ever studied.

La Ilaha Illa Allah Calligraphy

Mouneer Al Shaarani ”There Is No God but Allah, Mohamed Is the God’s Prophet ”…

çizim Şemaları

çizim Şemaları


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