Dancer in harem (Orientalist painting).

Middle Eastern Belly Dancer Dancing with a Veil to Musical Accompaniment. what's she standing on?

An Ottoman Musician

Stanislaus von Chlebowski (Polish, A Musician Playing before a Mosque in Constantinople

Ottoman warrior

Officer of Napoleon Mameluks. Feared by all of Napoleon's foes.

ottoman empire

illustration of christa hook showing a ottoman army officer with a Abus gun, a bazooka created by the Ottoman empire and two palace guards in the late century AD.

John Frederick Lewis (1804-1876), "A Favorite of the Harem." I love the color and fabric contrasts of this one. By period standards, this and many other Orientalist paintings of women are rather racy images--note the spread legs here, unthinkable in the painter's own British society.

peinture orientaliste UK : John Frederick Lewis, "Favourite of the Harem", 1855


The Turkish Empire brought together a range of countrys and helped spread Islam which also influenced the Art, look how amazing this is showing the Islamic military.

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