Prismacolor Color Wheel - WetCanvas

Prismacolor Color Wheel--love this one because it illustrates the corresponding hues. This was created by Janet Bionda.


original Art Deco brooch - finely hand crafted in platinum and diamonds overlaid on a shimmering frosted crystal background. Worn one way the sun shines from the corner of the sky; flip it around and the sun is rising.circa 1 inch wide by 1 inch high.

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The case for the imperial crown | | after 1350

The case for the imperial crown Prague after 1350 Case Leather, blue velvet…

Gold Melon bead with Leaf Pattern, 330 BC, Colchian, H: 2.52cm D: 3.40cm, Weight: 34.98g

Gold melon bead with leaf pattern, 330 BC, Colchian, H: D: Weight: Colchis was an ancient kingdom and region on the coast of the Black Sea, centred in present-day western Georgia

Bowl Iran, Kashan Bowl, early 13th century; LA County Museum of Art collection

Kashan Bowl, early century, Iran, fritware with painted underglaze painted.

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 16th c. Persian art. Safavid period. Miniature Painting. © AISA/Everett Collection

King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett