Mini dessert shots

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Raspberry Fool

Raspberry Fool

Make this recipe for Raspberry Fool. Fool is super easy to make, the recipes are all very similar. Essentially it's cream, confectioners' sugar and fruit.

Orange Creamsicle cocktail recipe

Orange Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe

If you liked Orange Creamsicles as a kid, try this Orange Creamsicle for adults! Easy to make, this creamy and smooth cocktail is simply delicious.

Valentines Day Dessert: Caramel Apple Triffles-Get the Recipe here  Like the idea of shot glasses, mini ice cream cones and hostess twinkies/dingdongs.

Sweet Mini Desserts for a Special Valentine's Day Dinner

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Banana pudding shots! Come on Bennifer make em again!

Banana Pudding Shots from Vanilla Bake Shop

Vanilla makes some of the best banana pudding in the city. They use real vanilla beans.

The other mini tirimisu didn't even have a recipe to go with, what's the point. This one has one.

Eclectic Recipes Fast And Easy Family Dinner Recipes

What's cuter than little single serve desserts? The first time I was introduced to them a few years back at a local restaurant I thought they were the best thin

Cherry chocolate marscapone creams -- serve mini portions in a shot glass and you've got the perfect small bite dessert.

Meggyes, csokoládés pohárkrém

Aránylag egyszerűen elkészíthető poharas desszert, a különlegességét a márványozottság adja, ami úgy érünk el, hogy a meggyes krémet és a tejszínhabot nem keverjük el teljesen. Hozzávalók 6 személyre 40 dkg magozott meggy 10 dkg cukor 1 kávéskanál vaníliakivonat 15 g étkezési keményítő 25 dkg mascarpone 3 dl tejszín 4 dkg cukor A díszítéshez 15 dkg étcsokoládé 1 teáskanál olaj A meggyből 6 szép szemet félreteszünk a díszítéshez, a maradékot lábosba mérjük a cukorral és a vaníliakivonattal…

Mini desserts

LA Wedding from Fresh Events Company + Esther Sun Photography

I adore a good Vibiana wedding. Not only does that stunning all white backdrop play extra nice with classic details but glamorous details too. And any and everything designed by Fresh Events Compa...

Old-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Shots

Recipe: Old-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Shots

I’ve been dying to try this since stores started teasing me with fresh strawberries a few weeks ago. I will eat strawberries in almost any form, but one of my

Mini Dessert Glasses Recipes | ... new mini desserts it s a single shot glass full of dessert just

PF Chang’s Mini Desserts

Do not be fooled by those cute little mini desserts new on the menu at PF Changs. They might be tiny- but the nutrition facts pack a mighty fattening punch that won't be the friend of any dieter. everything about wedding ♥  Strawberry shortcake dessert ♡ Dessert Tables #wedding #favor #strawberry #heart #shortcake #dessert #pink everything about wedding ♥ Strawberry shortcake dessert ♡ Dessert Tables #wedding #favor #strawberry #heart #shortcake #dessert #pink

Mini English Trifle Shot Glasses

Cocktails & Canapes Party (Part 1/2)

I’m happy to announce that my canapé party was a huge success! After hours upon hours of cooking, designing, and prep work (and a great team to help me out), I managed to fit 15 people in my…